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Our Infrastructure

Our efforts are directed towards building our campus with world-class facilities. Our design philosophy is to develop a child-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and stimulating learning environment, which would also support our innovative curriculum and pedagogy. The classrooms are especially designed to provide the children an experience appropriate to their developmental stages.

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Music Room

The music room creates the perfect environment to introduce our young students to the magical world of music.
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Play Area

Exercising and playing various outdoor games help with gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well.
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Dance Room

The dance room is a space of freedom and fun! The spacious, clutter-free room creates a comfortable atmosphere.
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Imbibing a love for reading is possible through interesting, colourful books, narratives and interactive discussions.
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Kids Zone

Breaking the monotony, the kid zone allows students to pick from a range of carefully picked educational apparatus, making learning systematic and fun.
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Smart Classrooms

Classrooms in Tiny Miracles are a bright and a happy place where children feel comfortable and eager to learn, with no hurdles to their imagination.
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The school infirmary is equipped with the necessary facilities to address any health related concern that may arise during school hours.
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A balanced diet is important for kids in their growing years, especially considering how active they are!
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AV Room

Children learn best through content that engages them through both, visual and auditory means.
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Kids' Gym

We aim to encourage a child’s natural adventurous spirit and inculcate an attitude of “I can do it”.
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